Free Demo Packs

The free demo packs of Typhonic Samples give you an impression of the actual packs in our shop. If you want to learn more about our packs – like checking out a demo track of the pack or reading more specifications – check out the shop!

Free Demo Pack

Soul Skool Hip Hop Samples

Included: 12 Samples and Loops
Free Demo Pack

EDM Kicks Vol. 2 for KICK2

Included: 3 KICKPresets & 3 Kick Samples!
Free Demo Pack

Skull Crushing Bass for Xfer Serum

Included: 3 Bass Presets!
Free Demo Pack

Smokey Saxophone Samples Vol. 1

Included: 5 Alto Sax Samples!
Free Demo Pack

EDM Kicks Vol. 1 for KICK

Included: 3 Heavy Kicks!
Free Demo Pack

Ambient Vibes Vol. 1 for Xfer Serum

Included: 3 Chill/Ambient Presets!
Free Demo Pack

All Purpose House Vol. 1

Included: 7 Dynamic Drum Samples!