Lo-Fi Hip Hop 1 – Vinyl Drums

The full version of Lo-Fi Hip Hop Vol. 1 – Vinyl Drums has 100 drum samples, each recorded from 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s vinyl records. So if you’re looking for some dusty kicks, crispy hihats or banging snares, this pack is for you!

Want to get a taste of the possibilities of this track? Check out the demo loop made with the 5 free samples that are included in the free demo pack.


This loop is made with all the free samples from the Lo-Fi Hip Hop Vol.1 demo pack:

– LFH1 – Kick 15
– LFH1 – Snare 13
– LFH1 – Closed Hihat 11
– LFH1 – Open Hihat 01
– LFH1 – Perc 21


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