Vinyl FX 1

20 Free LoFi Vinyl Samples

Vinyl FX 1 is filled with 20 free vinyl effect samples. These samples are recorded directly from vinyl and will give your productions that authentic vinyl vibe.

Start your track with the sound of a needle hitting the vinyl record or add some ambience with the vinyl crackle samples. There are lots of ways these free samples can be used in your LoFi productions!

There’s a total of 20 vinyl effect samples in this free pack:
– 9 Needle Sound Effects
– 4 Vinyl Crackles
– 7 Vinyl Stops

If you want more vinyl samples, check out LoFi HipHop 1: Vinyl Drums. This Premium Pack has 100 vinyl drum samples for just 1 dollar!

Don’t forget to check out our other free sample and preset packs and our shop filled with premium packs for which you can pay what you want!

Download Vinyl FX 1, containing 20 free vinyl samples

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