How to sidechain using Fruity Limiter

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How to Sidechain in FL Studio 12 Using Fruity Limiter
January 23, 2017 Tieme
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In this tutorial I will show you how to sidechain in FL Studio 12. There are a couple ways to sidechain your sounds, in this tutorial I will use a method using only 1 plugin: Fruity Limiter. This plugin comes with every version of FL Studio. So it should be available for every Fruity user.

What is sidechaining?

First of all, for those who don’t know; here’s a short explanation of what sidechaining is. With sidechaining you let a track (sound) influence another track.

When you link track A to track B, then track A will dip in volume to the amount you set the sidechain to every time track B is active.

A lot of EDM producers use it on their leads to make it “bounce” or to give the kick a bit of room. The best and easiest way to explain is with the two examples below.

This first example has no sidechain applied at all:


This second example has a sidechain applied to the synth track (As you notice, every time the kick hits, the lead dips):


Sidechaining can be used for a lot more than only a kick to a synth lead. However, this tutorial focusses on how to sidechain. So, let’s start!

1. Set up your tracks.

Make sure each sound has its own mixer track assigned. See image, where the kick is red and the synth is green.

FL Studio 12 How to Sidechain Tracks

Assign Mixer Channel: Kick = Red – Synth = Green

2. Link your tracks.

Now click on your kick (red) in your mixer to highlight it. This will be the sound that influences the other track. Then right click on the little upwards arrow of the sound that you want to link the kick to, in this example the synth (green). Choose “Sidechain to this track”.

FL Studio 12 How to Sidechain Tracks

FL Studio Sidechain: Link Tracks

Note: If you want to cancel a sidechain, or you’ve clicked on the wrong track, simply select your kick track and then hit the little green arrow of the synth track. Now the link is canceled.

3. Add Fruity Limiter.

Add the Fruity Limiter plugin to the track where you want to apply the sidechain to. In this example the synth track.

4. Settings for Fruity Limiter.

First of all set the limiter to Comp and then the sidechain to 1. After that you set your Ratio knob almost entirely to the right.

Now you can add the amount of sidechain with the Thres knob. When you play your song (or just the two sounds together), you can see how much the kick is making the synth dip.

Play around with the Threshold and Ratio settings to get an understanding of how it works and what amount works best for your track.

FL Studio 12 How to Sidechain Tracks

Fruity Limiter Settings for Sidechain

So this is how you sidechain a synth with a kick. However, like I said, there are more ways to achieve the same results and there are countless possibilities with sidechaining. This is just the most common way to use it. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below or contact us directly!

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  1. Alexandr Tsvetanov 2 years ago

    Thank you very much!!!

  2. Tully Slatter 1 year ago

    quick and easy

    • Tieme Author
      Tieme 1 year ago

      No problem! I’m planning on doing some more “quick and easy” tutorials 🙂

  3. Rama 1 year ago

    Thanks!!! simple and clear, not only get how to use it, I get how it works in a easy and fine way. I really apreciate it, thanks a lot!!!

    • Tieme Author
      Tieme 1 year ago

      Thanks for reading our blog, glad you like it!

  4. Chandler 1 year ago

    How should I mute the kick sound and get the sidechain?

    • Tieme Author
      Tieme 1 year ago

      Hi Chandler!

      Good question, I will add this to the article soon:

      After creating the sidechain:

      1. Select the mixer channel (track) where your kick is assigned to. In my example the red channel.
      2. If you take a look at the image of Step 2, you can see that below the master channel there’s a green knob (bottom left of the image). Turn it down. This will mute your kick, but it will keep the sidechain.

      Tip: You can use automation (right click) on this button to only mute it in certain parts of your song.

      • Kyle 8 months ago

        I had this question too. Thank you!!

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