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Kick That Now Vol.2

– 500 kicks divided in multiple types to suit all sorts of productions – 

Kick That Now Vol. 2 Box Sample Pack

500 Kick Samples

Kick That Now Vol. 2 is the twin pack of Vol. 1 (also containing 500 kicks) categorized in types varying from: Raw to Percussion and from Soft to Experimental. This sample pack will definitely have some interesting materials to ramp up your productions!

60 Clean Kicks
65 Heavy Kicks
100 Raw Kicks
25 Deep Kicks

50 Soft Kicks
75 Perc Kicks
100 Experimental Kicks
25 Impact Kicks

The Kick That Now Vol. 2 package also contains our destined artwork, backgrounds & the demo tune.

Demo Sounds

Clean Kick 91
Experimental Kick 49
Heavy Kick 05
Percussion Kick 72
Impact Kick 23
Soft Kick 40

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