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Vicious Synth Shots

– 100 Key-labeled synth shots –

Box Vicious Synth Shots Typhonic Samples PAck Key Labeled Synthesiser One Shots

100 Key-Labeled Synth Shots

Vicious Synth Shots has 100 key-labeled synth one-shots. Perfect for producing some epic (or should I say vicious) dark warehouse techno tracks. But don’t limit yourself; the harder EDM and house music production will also benefit from these samples. These one-shots are created with a wide variety of synthesizers and effects; giving you a ruthless sample pack!

Demo Sounds

Synth Shot – G – 08
Synth Shot – B – 06
Synth Shot – F# – 08
Synth Shot – A# – 09
Synth Shot – D – 05

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