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Ambient Vibes Vol.2

– The most relaxing, chilled out and trippy presets for Xfer Serum –

AV2 Box Ambient Vibes Typhonic Samples Xfer Serum Preset Pack Pluck Pad Pay What You Want Sound Bank

25 Mellow presets for Xfer Serum

Ambient Vibes Vol. 2 gives you 25 deep pads and plucks for Xfer Serum! These deep tonal plucks and bass filled pads are great if you want your listeners to get lost in the sound.

With all 4 marcos assigned to multiple parameters you get full control of the sound and are able to manipulate it on the fly!

If you like this pack, you should check out Ambient Vibes Vol. 1, this soundbank is also filled with 25 ambient presets, but more focused on the high/mellow side of ambient music.

Demo Sounds

Bass Feelings 2
Warped Life

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