FAQ – Pre-Sale Questions

FAQ – Pre-Sale Questions
March 14, 2018 Tieme


Are the products of Typhonic Samples royalty free?

Yes! All our samples and presets (free and premium) are royalty free. Read our End User License Agreement for more information.

How does the payment work when I want to buy a pack from the Typhonic Samples' Shop?

We provide our buyer with a description of the product they are buying and the VAT is already included.

When you buy a product, you agree with our End User License Agreement. The payment of our products is done with Paypal or Credit Card (Stripe). If you are familiar with Paypal or Stripe, it’ll be easy to finalize the procedure. If you aren’t; click here to see how PayPal works.

How does the 'Pay What You Want' system works?

For some of our packs you can name the price you want to pay for the entire pack. Simply fill in your desired price (minimum of 1 dollar) and the pack will be added to your shopping cart.

At the checkout you can choose between paying with PayPal or Credit Card (Stripe).

After I've bought a pack, how long will the download be available?

You can always access your downloads by logging in to your account. Your download will never expire and the amount of downloads is unlimited.

My question isn't listed here!

You can always contact us for any questions or problems you run into, don’t be shy!

We want you to ask to be very descriptive about the issue/question so we have a clear picture, making it easier to help you out!

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