About us

Typhonic Samples provides a wide range of samples, and presets for numerous synthesizers to producers with all sorts of musical backgrounds. We have a dedicated team of sound designers with a common passion for creating high quality sounds that can be implemented in your artwork.

Our goal is to create a catalogue of products with synthetic and organic materials. Next to synths, we have a special interest in real instruments as they can give an authentic, organic or oldskool flavour to your productions. We will continue to develop our catalogue and collaborate with musicians to create an ever-expanding variety of samples!

We have demo tracks of samples and presets in our store to give you insight in our products. Next to that, we also provide free sample packs and preset packs! (see Free Samples in our menu) and free demo packs of our products. We will upload new free packs on a regular basis, follow our Facebook so you won’t miss out!

If you like our work, follow our social media channels to stay up to date with all of our developments.

We would also like to thank Sarah, Madelon and Erik for helping us out with their designs and artwork!

But, who is “we”?


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