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    Producer Inside – Etsy buys for 275 million dollar!

    Last month the annual music fair “NAMM Summer 2019” was held in California. Which means there’s a shitload of new…

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  • Producer Inside #2 – FL Studio was never meant for producers

    Here we are with the second part of the Producer Inside serial, where we cover everything that happened the last…

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  • Producer Inside Music Production News Banner

    Producer Inside #1 – Behringer working on a CS-80 clone

    Producer News will be a serial with a monthly (or so) collection of music production related news. From hardware to…

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  • FL Studio 20.1 Update Banner Music Production Blog Image Line Typhonic Samples

    FL Studio 20.1 Update – My favorite changes

    One of the best things about FL Studio is that they really listen to the community when making changes, so…

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  • Banner 7 Inspiring Tracks That Will Boost your Creativity Music Production Blog Typhonic Samples

    7 Inspiring Tracks That Will Boost your Creativity!

    As a kind of follow up to the previous article about musicians and groups worth checking out, I’ve put together…

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  • 7 Inspiring Musicians & Groups Worth Checking Out! Typhonic Samples Blog Music Production

    7 Inspiring Musicians & Groups Worth Checking Out!

    If you’re looking to expand your musical horizon, this is a great place to be. I’m going to give you…

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  • Philosophy meets Music

    Philosophy meets Music: Why do we love certain music?

    Why do we lòve certain music? In this article I will talk about the philosophy surrounding music. I will try…

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  • 7 Tips & Tricks Producing Hip Hop Instrumentals

    7 Tips & Tricks for Producing Hip Hop Instrumentals!

    Hey! Making Hip Hop beats is one of my favourite things to do. I love the energy of all sorts…

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  • Improve Your FL Studio Workflow: Most Important Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

    Do you want to improve your FL Studio workflow? Then this article is for you! Every DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)…

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  • Music Production – Ep. 5: Get rid of Muddy Bass with EQ

    Hi there! Welcome to Episode 5 of the Music Production Series, this time about how to get rid of a…

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