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Banner 7 Inspiring Tracks That Will Boost your Creativity Music Production Blog Typhonic Samples

As a kind of follow up to the previous article about musicians and groups worth checking out, I’ve put together this article about 7 great songs worth a listen! A wide range of genres are represented within this list of inspiring tracks as I enjoy loads of styles. Music is just great! These tracks are

7 Inspiring Musicians & Groups Worth Checking Out! Typhonic Samples Blog Music Production

If you’re looking to expand your musical horizon, this is a great place to be. I’m going to give you a list of – in my eyes – 7 great musicians & groups. These people have inspired me a lot, and if you don’t know ‘m, they might inspire you! This list covers a wide

Philosophy meets Music

Why do we lòve certain music? In this article I will talk about the philosophy surrounding music. I will try to give you a feel of my personal insights gained by listening to music and the thoughts behind them! The musical journey, whether you are a someone who experiences music or someone participating – or

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7 Tips & Tricks Producing Hip Hop Instrumentals

Hey! Making Hip Hop beats is one of my favourite things to do. I love the energy of all sorts of ‘Hop’ related to Hip Hop; Glitch, Trippy, Jazzy, Bluesy, Dub and so on – so I decided to share some insights! How can you make your project groove the way you envision it? How

Do you want to improve your FL Studio workflow? Then this article is for you! Every DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has lots of shortcuts, a couple you might already know as they’re the same in every program; like ctrl+c for copying and ctrl+s for saving. Others you might not know, but are very handy. Especially

Hi there! Welcome to Episode 5 of the Music Production Series, this time about how to get rid of a muddy bass through equalization. If you’re new to this; the Music Production Series is all about the fundamentals of music production. We discuss things like the tools in DAWs, dynamics of sound, how to build

Hi there and welcome to another episode of the Music Production Series. In the previous episode I explain the basic theory and principles of equalization – What is equalization? – check that episode out if you want to read up on that! A basic understanding of equalization or ‘equalizing’ is a must for learning how

Best Music Production Forum

5 Best Music Production Forums of 2016!

Music production is evolving at a high rate. More and more ‘bedroom’ producers are hitting it big and getting signed to major labels. Some people say it’s getting too easy and think of it negatively. However, I think it’s a good thing that music production is becoming easier to start with; you still need talent

What is Reverb

Producing 101: The Basics of Reverb

As a kid, we’ve all screamed our lungs out when going through a tunnel, maybe some of us still do. We did this simply because we wanted to make a shitload of noise, but also because your voice sounds huge inside the tunnel. This phenomenon is called reverberation (reverb). Reverberation is always present and all

Welcome to another episode of the Music Production Series! Last two episode we discussed some basics about mixing & balancing your track. Episode 1 – Episode 2. A big part of mixing and balancing are equalizers & equalization. What is Equalization and what are equalizers? Equalization or the process of ‘equalizing‘ means you can –

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