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  • Free Plugin Review Sanford Reverb Typhonic Samples

    Free Plugin Review: Sanford Reverb

    Sanford Reverb is a free reverb plugin that gives you full control over the reverberation of your sound. It used to be a paid plugin, but free since 2015. This review will give you some insights in how this plugin works and what you can do with it! I use this plugin for all sorts of productions; it’s perfect for

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  • Banner Free Plugin Review CamelCrusher Music Production Blog Skin Preset Distortion

    Free Plugin Review: CamelCrusher

    CamelCrusher is a high ranking free distortion plugin that has been available for many years and is used by many producers. So chances are, you have probably heard of this plugin, or are already using it. If not, then you’re in for a treat! CamelAudio has a couple plugins, CamelCrusher and Alchemy (synth) are the most known. Unfortunately CamelAudio isn’t

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