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Banner How to add Mixer Channels to a Group in FL Studio Bus Send Tracks Tutorial 12 Mixing

In every DAW you have the feature to group certain tracks or sounds to a single mixer channel. This is something very useful when mixing your production and it can save you a lot of time doing it. However, in FL Studio it can be a bit hard to find out how this feature works.

Banner How to add Sample Library to FL Studio Tutorial Music Production Blog

This is a quick tip for FL Studio beginners. When you have downloaded a sample pack, you want to be able to access it easily. Therefore FL  Studio has the option to add your sample library to the folder structure of FL Studio (left side of the screen). This way you can browse through your

Serum VST Create Your Own Wavetable Blog Tutorial How to

Wavetables are the base of your sound and all the filters, LFOs and modulations will shape your sound. However, it’s very important to start with the right/best wavetable so that you can create the sound that you are looking for more easily. There are multiple ways to create your own wavetable for Serum. This article

Banner Tutorial Music Production Typhonic Samples How to Sidechain in FL Studio 12 using Fruity Limiter

In this tutorial I will show you how to sidechain in FL Studio 12. There are a couple ways to sidechain your sounds, in this tutorial I will use a method using only 1 plugin: Fruity Limiter. This plugin comes with every version of FL Studio. So it should be available for every Fruity user.


Since Serum version 1.1 it’s possible to use images as wavetables. And it’s quite easy. This short tutorial will show you how and I will give some pointers/tips for using an image as a wavetable. First, make sure your Serum is up to date. (You should always keep Serum up to date; Steve Duda listens

Do you want to improve your FL Studio workflow? Then this article is for you! Every DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has lots of shortcuts, a couple you might already know as they’re the same in every program; like ctrl+c for copying and ctrl+s for saving. Others you might not know, but are very handy. Especially

List of Best Serum Tutorials

The web is full of Serum tutorials; some are very useful and can really up your music productions and/or sound design, but unfortunately not all Serum tutorials out there are great. That’s why Typhonic Samples has compiled a list of the best Serum tutorial videos on the internet! * We will update this list so

Music Production Blog Series

This is the second episode of the Music Production Series. For a new visitor jumping straight into this episode, I recommend checking out the previous episode if you haven’t already! The goal of the Music Production Series is to gradually go in depth on the topic of producing tracks. Music production is a versatile subject,

Music Production Blog Series

You are now reading the first episode of the Music Production Series! This series is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the basics and the more advanced stuff of music production. I will try to not lengthen episodes too much to keep it short and powerful. As I progress through the episodes

Serum Blog Tutorials Cover

When you start using a new synthesizer it can be a bit confusing and every synth has its own learning curve. In my opinion, Xfer Serum isn’t a hard synthesizer to learn, since it’s really ‘graphic’. You can not only hear but also see a lot of the changes you apply, giving you a better