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Banner Valhalla Supermassive Free VST Plugin Review

Free Plugin Review: Valhalla Supermassive

Valhalla Supermassive is the latest free plugin of Valhalla and it combines delay effects with reverb effects. You can create unique delay sounds, perfect for everyday use. But It also has a couple really weird effects, some even sound like a chorus plugin. Now think of this in combination with the quality you know that … Read more

how to record vinyl into fl studio

How to sample vinyl records in FL Studio 20

Sampling is a technique used for decades and since the 80’s very popular with the release of the first Akai MPC. Today it’s mainly used to create Hip Hop and you can sample tracks in your DAW without any external equipment. However, sampling digital tracks just isn’t the same as sampling vinyl. Not only does … Read more

Producer Inside Music Production News Banner

Producer Inside #1 – Behringer working on a CS-80 clone

Producer News will be a serial with a monthly (or so) collection of music production related news. From hardware to software and from sound design to completely random (but slightly music production related) news. Behringer DS-80 will be happening! Behringer was teasing before with photos of the original CS-80 synthesizer from Yamaha, but now it’s … Read more

Banner How to add Serum Presets Tutorial

How to install Serum presets, wavetables, LFO's & noises?

This tutorial is about how to install Serum presets, wavetables, LFO’s and noises. It’s easy to organise all your Serum tools! Good to know: All Serum packs from Typhonic Samples are sorted in a way that you can add all the elements of the pack, with a single copy + paste. But first the ‘general … Read more

FL Studio 20.1 Update Banner Music Production Blog Image Line Typhonic Samples

FL Studio 20.1 Update – My favorite changes

One of the best things about FL Studio is that they really listen to the community when making changes, so every update is an improvement. With the recent update to version 20 a lot has changed and now version 20.1 brings more workflow improvements. I’ve used 20.1 for 2 days now and here are my … Read more

Banner How to add Mixer Channels to a Group in FL Studio Bus Send Tracks Tutorial 12 Mixing

How to group mixer channels/tracks in FL Studio

In every DAW you have the feature to group certain tracks or sounds to a single mixer channel. This is something very useful when mixing your production and it can save you a lot of time doing it. However, in FL Studio it can be a bit hard to find out how this feature works. … Read more

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