Distorted Essentials

23 Free Drum & FX Samples

Making some raw tracks? Definitely pick up this free pack with raw sounds! It holds 10 raw FXs, 3 distorted kicks & 10 raw snares! If somewhere along the lines you’re wondering who’s voice you hear in the samples, well… It’s Donald Trump. Sampling him doesn’t imply we’re supporters or picking sides. We just sampled ‘m! Do whatever you please with it.

Stay tuned for more of these sorts of packs, as we’re steadily progressing with materials. Also, check out our blog for interesting articles on topic of producing!

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Download 23 raw and distorted samples for free here:

Tags: Drums, Kicks, Snares, FX, Raw, Distorted, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi

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    Imre Lovasz 3 years ago

    But I don’t use twitter…

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