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Please read this document carefully to get a clear understanding of how we handle your personal information (in any way). For any questions you can always contact us. We try to keep this document as short as possible, so it isn’t a hassle to read or understand. When something is unclear or not mentioned in this document, Typhonic Samples acts – and expects the consumer to act – by the Principles of Natural Justice and Principle of Equity.
Third Parties
Typhonic Samples will never sell, trade or give any of your Personal Identifiable Information to third parties, it’s strictly confidential; as long as you, as a visitor/client, use our services and products according to our Privacy Policy, End User License Agreement and any (inter)national law.
We do not offer third party products or services on our website.
Our website is scanned on a regular basis for malware or any other virus or vulnerabilities. This way we can ensure you that using our products and services are safe. When there is any kind of breach of this safety, Typhonic Samples will inform the customers/visitors with email and website notifications within 7 days.
Typhonic Samples only collects your email adress when you create an account, buy a product or download a free demo pack. The email adress is used to send the customer our products.
Typhonic Samples operates by the CAN SPAM Act. Therefore a customer has the possibility to unsubscribe at any time. This will not interfere with buying products and the functionality of your account.
Like any website, Typhonic Samples uses cookies. Cookies are used for:

  • Saving user’s preferences for future visits.
  • Processing and saving the shopping cart.
  • Advertisements & Google AdSense
  • Compiling site data/traffic on behalf of Typhonic Samples, so we can optimize our user’s experience.

Latest update: 19 April 2018.

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