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5 Best Music Production Forums of 2016!

Music production is evolving at a high rate. More and more ‘bedroom’ producers are hitting it big and getting signed to major labels. Some people say it’s getting too easy and think of it negatively. However, I think it’s a good thing that music production is becoming easier to start with; you still need talent to make something that people will listen to. Besides that, with more people producing, there will be more information and knowledge available. This will only set the bar higher! This information and knowledge can be found on sites like YouTube as well as many blogs, but participating on music production fora is still one of best ways to get in touch with fellow producers!
Therefore we’ve made a list of 5 audio/music production fora that are filled with producers willing to share their knowledge and experiences in the music industry. I personally learned a lot from these fora when I was starting as a producer. So check out these fora and there will definitely be one that suits your needs! Please note, this list is in alphabetical order, it’s not a “top 5”.

Future Producers

Future Producers Forum
Future Producers Forum

Future Producers is a straight forward forum with topics about sound design, composing, songwriting, studio acoustics and much more. There’s a category for every type of music producer. Searching within this forum can be quite a hassle if you’re not familiair with vBulletin fora, however, the changes are high you’ve already visited multiple fora that are using this forum software.
Future Producers has been online since 2000 and contains more than 500.000 threads with almost 4 million posts! Can’t find the information you need? Ask one of the 478.496 members to help you out!


Gearslutz Forum Music Production
Gearslutz Forum

GearSlutz is a music production forum that focusses a bit more on gear and technical stuff than most other music production fora. So if you’re a (music) geek, this probably will be the place for you. However, there are still a lot of threads about music production, synth reviews, competitions and Q&A’s with producers and sound engineers.
All their 300 thousand members have created more than 850.000 threads containing almost 10 million posts!


Home Recording Forum Music Production
HomeRecording Forum

HomeRecording.com is quite similar to Future Producers (it also uses vBulletin), however they offer a bit more forum categories. This can be confusing but if you know the lay-out you always know where to search or post a thread.
Like all music production fora, they have categories for: mixing and mastering techniques, sound design, gear and all the DAWs.
With 161.839 members they aren’t the biggest, but still there are more than 350 thousand threads and 4 million posts!

KVR Audio

KVR Audio Forum Music Production
KVR Audio Forum

In my honest opinion, KVR Audio is my least favorite on this list. Simply because they have a lot of categories, and I mean a lot! Most of them are support fora for companies like Tracktion and u-he, which you don’t have to look at when you’re not using their products. However, this is also one of the reasons why KVR Audio is on this list, because there’s a lot of support information which you can only find there! Google has redirected me to this forum a couple of times when I had some troubles with one of the VSTs.
And of course KVR Audio has categories for producing music, like: sampling, effects and instruments.
They have over 320 thousand members, with a total of 306.039 threads and almost 4.5 million posts.

The Producer’s Forum

The Producers Forum Music Production
The Producer’s Forum

This is by far the smallest community on this list, but I really want to mention it. The Producer’s Forum doesn’t have a lot of categories which makes it easy to browse, but sometimes makes it hard to find the information you’re looking for.
Since it isn’t as huge as the other fora on this list, it’s easier to follow threads and really bond with the users when you’re active. So when you’re looking for something “cosy”, this is the place to be!
The Producer’s Forum has almost 4.000 members and more than 20.000 posts in 3.682 topics!

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