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7 Inspiring Tracks That Will Boost your Creativity!

As a kind of follow up to the previous article about musicians and groups worth checking out, I’ve put together this article about 7 great songs worth a listen! A wide range of genres are represented within this list of inspiring tracks as I enjoy loads of styles. Music is just great! These tracks are not in any specific order, not a top 7 or anything, just great sounds to get inspired by!

1. Hybrid – Symphony

This breakbeat track is perfect for either background, or detailed listening. It is progressive in the sense of there being one big build up throughout the whole song. It builds on one noticable progression and the intensity rises. It’s a long soundtrack but it truelly fits the track. The feeling it potrayed in a really nice way and the sounds are really crisp and pleasant to listen to – a great symphonic, electronic piece!

2. Marconi Union – Weightless

This is an ambient tune designed for relaxation purposes. It is specifically designed for lowering the heartrate, relieving the body from stress and reducing anxiety. Gentle elements occur throughout the song, that are all part of the general harmony and a slow-paced kick and bassline gives you a rhythmical guideline throughout the piece, as a sort of heartbeat (which helps relaxing the body and mind). I recently came across this tune and I decided to throw it in the mix!

3. Alice Russell – Crazy

If you are looking for a powerful, soulful voice, this is the absolute right place to be! This song performed by Alice Russell and a supportive orchestra is breathtaking. Gave me goosebumps for sure. Check it out:

4. Jóhann Jóhansson – Heptapod B

This song is one of the themes Jóhann Jóhannsson (from Iceland) composed for the movie Arrival. The usages of chopped vocals makes it a little trippy and the atmosphere of sounds is simply epic. This one is definitely worth a listen:

5. Trentemøller – Prana

I fell in love with this tune quite some time ago. The mix between the electronic, progressive-like beat and the organic atmosphere is simply mesmerizing. If you enjoy this one, definitely worth to dive in the catalogue of the creator as he made a lot of gems.

6. Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemøller Remix)

As I placed the previous song, I suddenly remembered this remix by Trentemøller and I couldn’t leave this one out. It’s the perfect summer tune (in my opinion) and the lead sound halfway through is haunting:

7. Little Dragon – Twice

A friend showed me this track some time ago and we just put it on repeat for a long time as the feeling resonates deeply. A gentle piano and minimalistic orchestral approach escorts the beautiful vocals. It’s kind of sad but at the same time full of life, enjoy:

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Have a great day!

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