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Viral Video Samples 1: 55 percussion and vox samples

Free Viral Video Samples 1 is a collection of 55 free samples, sampled from viral videos only! This pack has 40 percussion sounds and 15 vox samples!

These are the videos that have been used in Viral Video Samples 1:
Baseball Fishing Rod, Cockatoo Harley, Ferry Freak Out, Fresh Avacado, Giant Water Balloon, Grandma Loves Ping Pong, Helmet Slap Fight, Honda S2000 Dash Cam, How To Paintball, I’m a Giraffe, It is Wednesday, Kid Eats Ghost Pepper, Kid Knocks Door Frame, Kid Shoots Screen, Lucifur is a Dick, Pet Your Titties, Uncle vs Korean Toilet & Worlds Largest Whoopee Cushion.

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