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Producer Inside #1 – Behringer working on a CS-80 clone

Producer Inside will be a serial with a monthly (or so) collection of music production related news. From hardware to software and from sound design to completely random (but slightly music production related) news.

Behringer DS-80 will be happening!

Behringer was teasing before with photos of the original CS-80 synthesizer from Yamaha, but now it’s confirmed. There will be a DS-80 released in the near future. And since Behringer knows how to successfully remake classic synths, I’m pretty stoked and interested to see how this plays out.
https://www.musicradar.com/news/behringer-takes-no-time-in-releasing-early-images-of-its-cs-80-clone foto 3

Arturia released “Microfreak”

Fans of Arturia products can grab their wallet! The new Microfreak is available for purchase and for an introduction price of 349 USD or 299 EUR it’s quite affordable. This synthesizer blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. It also features an unique poly-touch flat keyboard. Check out the video below for more information.

Headphones for bass-lovin’ EDM producers

Hitting the stores in June, the new Tascam TH-06 headphones will be great for bass junkies. As they state: “enhanced bass response for the smooth, deep lows needed for producing genres such as EDM, hip-hop, metal, and R&B”. Personally I don’t know whether I would need bass focused headphones, but Tascam says it will not overpower the other frequencies. So it may be a good product. We’ll see (or rather hear) in a couple weeks..

More music production tools for IOS users

I don’t use my phone for producing music, but it keeps getting more appealing to try out when more tools and apps are released. For example Reason’s release of Compact 2.0. Where version 1 only featured a single synth, with version 2.0 you now have a drum computer and a bass synth at your disposal. And best of all, it’s free!

Score your videos with Straylight

Scoring audio for game film is not something you hear a lot about on music production websites and blogs. Therefore I think that this new Native Instruments plugin deserves a bit extra attention. “Straylight” is designed for film and game composers, but I think is will also be awesome for ambient productions! Both the granular and sample modules offer a lot possibilities for personalizing the source sounds and with more than 380 factory presets to choose from, there should be enough sounds for you to begin with. Straylight is now available and compatible with Kontakt 6 and Kontakt Player 6.

Loopmasters removes all their samples from Splice

We all now Splice as one of the first to offer a subscription for samples stored in a cloud. However, you may also know that Loopmasters has their own service called Loopcloud. In order to boost their own platform, they removed all their samples (and those from their exclusive labels) from Splice. Loopmasters founder and owner Matt Pelling said: “Ever since the launch of Splice Sounds over four years ago, we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship together. Now it’s time for us – and our exclusive labels – to move in a different direction with our technology. We’re grateful to have played a significant role in the platform’s growth and wish Splice every success in the future.”

Teenage Engineering goes gameboy!

Teenage Engineering, most known for products like the OP-1, is teaming up with software developer Panic to create a new handheld gaming device. It’s called the Playdate and will offer a subscription which offers a new game every week. But that’s not the most remarkable, it’s got a removable hand crank on it, which serves as a rotating analogue controller! I don’t know whether their will be any synth-like or music production related apps or features on this device, but as a gamer and producer I’m interested to see how this plays out.

That’s it

So that’s it for this first edition of the Producer Inside serial, you can expect an edition every month or so! I hope you enjoyed it.

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