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  • Banner How to add Mixer Channels to a Group in FL Studio Bus Send Tracks Tutorial 12 Mixing

    How to group mixer channels/tracks in FL Studio

    In every DAW you have the feature to group certain tracks or sounds to a single mixer channel. This is…

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  • Banner How to add Sample Library to FL Studio Tutorial Music Production Blog

    How to add your sample library to FL Studio

    This is a quick tip for FL Studio beginners. When you have downloaded a sample pack, you want to be…

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  • Serum VST Create Your Own Wavetable Blog Tutorial How to

    Serum Wavetable Design (1/2): Create your own Wavetable

    Wavetables are the base of your sound and all the filters, LFOs and modulations will shape your sound. However, it’s…

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  • Free Plugin Review Sanford Reverb Typhonic Samples

    Free Plugin Review: Sanford Reverb

    Sanford Reverb is a free reverb plugin that gives you full control over the reverberation of your sound. It used…

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  • Banner Free Plugin Review CamelCrusher Music Production Blog Skin Preset Distortion

    Free Plugin Review: CamelCrusher

    CamelCrusher is a high ranking free distortion plugin that has been available for many years and is used by many…

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  • Banner Tutorial Music Production Typhonic Samples How to Sidechain in FL Studio 12 using Fruity Limiter

    How to Sidechain in FL Studio 12 Using Fruity Limiter

    In this tutorial I will show you how to sidechain in FL Studio. There are a couple ways to sidechain…

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  • New Free Pack: EDM Leads 1: Distorted for Xfer Serum

    There it is again, another free pack. This time bringing you our first free Serum presets! EDM Leads 1: Distorted…

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  • New Pack: EDM Kicks Vol. 2 for KICK2

    EDM Kicks Vol. 2 for KICK2 is the second heavy hitting kicks preset pack. This time for one of the…

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  • New Free Pack: Viral Video Samples 1

    The first volume of Viral Video Samples is a fact! This pack contains a mix of percussion and vox, with…

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  • New Pack: Skull Crushing Bass for Xfer Serum

    Proceed with caution! Skull Crushing Bass is filled with epic bass presets that CRUSH YOUR SKULL! This soundbank provides you…

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