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  • New Free Pack: Serum Wavetables 3: Celebrity Portraits

    Typhonic Samples’ third wavetable pack is online; Serum Wavetables 3: Celebrity Portraits. This pack contains 15 wavetables made of the…

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  • Improve Your FL Studio Workflow: Most Important Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

    Do you want to improve your FL Studio workflow? Then this article is for you! Every DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)…

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  • New Free Pack: Serum Wavetables 2: 10 Growls

    We’ve released another free wavetable pack for Xfer Serum: Serum Wavetables 2: 10 Growl Tables. These 10 wavetables are perfect…

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  • List of Best Serum Tutorials

    List of the Best Serum Tutorials You Will Ever Find!

    The web is full of Serum tutorials; some are very useful and can really up your music productions and/or sound…

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  • Best Music Production Forum

    5 Best Music Production Forums of 2016!

    Music production is evolving at a high rate. More and more ‘bedroom’ producers are hitting it big and getting signed…

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  • What is Reverb

    Producing 101: The Basics of Reverb

    As a kid, we’ve all screamed our lungs out when going through a tunnel, maybe some of us still do.…

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  • Music Production Blog Typhonic Samples 5 Best Free Reverb Plugins VST

    5 Best Free Reverb Plugins

    When you search the web for a free reverb plugin you get tons of options. In my experience, most of…

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  • Serum Blog Tutorials Cover

    Serum: 8 Helpful Tips and Tricks to Boost your Serum Skills

    When you start using a new synthesizer it can be a bit confusing and every synth has its own learning…

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