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5 Best Free Reverb Plugins

When you search the web for a free reverb plugin you get tons of options. In my experience, most of them are very good, but some are really bad… People often ask which reverb plugin is the best. There’s no simple answer to this, since you probably need more than one reverb. Every reverb plugin generates its own unique sound; a reverb designed for vocals can be very different compared to a reverb designed for drums. A reverb should suit your production and your personal taste. That’s why I recommend you to play around with different reverbs and their settings, so you can form your own opinion! However, there still is a lot to choose from, so to help you out I’ve created a list of 5 awesome reverb plugins, all available for free!
If you want to know more about reverb or reverberation; check out our article Producing 101: Basics of Reverb.

DaSample: GlaceVerb

DaSample: Glaceverb Reverb Best Free VST Plugin
DaSample: Glaceverb Reverb

This free reverb plugin is a bit different than your standard reverb. It uses innovative and unusual algorithms to emulate the acoustic response of surfaces and materials, which makes it perfect for creative minds and producers who like to experiment. I like to use this reverb for FXs and ambience sounds, since it can really give a unique touch to your sounds!
There are 64 presets included in this plugin, some are really strange and others are quite simple. However, when you play with the settings this reverb can really surprise you!
The only downside is that GlaceVerb is only available for Windows as a VST.
Compatibility: VST (32 bit), Windows.
Click here for more information and the download link. (note: not the official DaSample website because it’s down at the moment)

Sanford Reverb

Leslie Sanfor Reverb Best Free VST Plugin
Leslie Sanfor Reverb

Sanford Reverb has been available since 2009, but free since 2015. I started using this plugin since it became free and I’m still using it frequently. It’s an all-round reverb with the possibility to control the left and right reflection very well. Yes, it’s an all-round reverb, but in my opinion it’s perfect for percussion sounds in ambient productions, since you can control the reflections and give your sound a nice depth/delayed effect.
This free reverb plugin also features in our 10 Best Free VST Plugins article and is only available for Windows.
Compatibility: VST (32/64 bit), Windows.
Click here for more information and the download link.

Semantic Audio: Safe Reverb

Semantic Audio: Safe Reverb Best Free VST Plugin
Semantic Audio: Safe Reverb

This reverb is quite new to me, but so far I’m really enjoying it! Semantic Audio: Safe Reverb is a part of the ‘SAFE Project’. The people of Semantic Audio have made multiple VST’s and bundled them in a single download. It contains: a compressor, an overdrive, a parametric EQ and of course a reverb.
The reason this free reverb is in this list, is because of its one of a kind save and load feature. The plugins of Semantic Audio give you the possibily to save and load presets to a cloud, where other producers also have access to them. This way there will always be a preset that fits your needs! You can even search for presets with words like: warm, punchy and drums.
Their other plugins – which are included in the bundle – are also equipped with this preset feature.
Compatibility: VST, AU (32/64 bit), Windows and MAC.
Click here for more information and the download link.

Smartelectronix: Ambience

Smartelectronix Ambience Best Free Reverb Plugin VST
Smartelectronix Ambience

Ambience comes with a lot of features, settings and a couple of great presets. However, to get the most out of this reverb I recommend you to master the Damping and EQ section of this reverb. This section gives you control over the ‘color’ of the reverb and can get you great sounding rooms!
It’s an all-round reverb but I like to use it for the more digital sounding reverbs. But please, don’t think this reverb plugin stops there!
Smartelectronix: Ambience is available for Mac and Windows.
Compatibility: VST, AU (32/64 bit), Windows and MAC.
Click here for more information and the download link.


Tal-Reverb-4 Best Free Reverb Plugin VST

You probably already know some of TAL’s awesome plugins, if not; check them out! TAL-Reverb-4 is one of my favourite reverb plugins as it’s all-round, very easy to use and can give your channel/production a vintage feel.
TAL-Reverb-4 is available for Windows and MAC as a standalone plugin and only supports stereo channels. Also, if you like this reverb, then you should definitely check out TAL-Reverb-2 and TAL-Reverb-3 as well. All great reverbs that will give you a different sound.
Compatibility: VST, AU, AAX (32/64 bit), Windows and MAC.
Click here for more information and the download link.

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